Sales Fundamentals

Professional Selling is networking a product or service, with those who, can benefit from its use.

Stop selling and start solving! Instead of making a “sale,” find ways your products or services will “help” make a difference in the needs of others.

Trust, honesty, and integrity are everything! Period. We buy from people we trust, like and believe. Be that person. Be authentic!

Don’t be obnoxious or pushy! Work smartly to get appointments and referrals.

Have a clear vision and understanding of your ideal prospects and your connecting markets.

Have effective strategies and tactics to get appointments with the right people.

Have a systematic way to follow up in a persistent, polite, and professional manner.

Understand that making sales is a numbers game plus a mental game. Keep your head in the game!

Keep your prospecting commitments through busy times. Dig the well before you thirst!

Consistently keep your pipeline filled with qualified opportunities.