Achievement Dynamics Institute

Established in 1985 – now online!

Who would benefit from an Achievement Dynamics Membership:

  • Lifetime learners with a growth mindset.
  • Those who have a desire to empower others.
  • Those who would like to empower their family.
  • Those who have a calling to empower youth.
  • Those who have the responsibility to empower work teams to achieve higher levels of success and personal rewards!

Succeed with progressive achievement,
supported by peer-to-peer collaboration –
sharing knowledge, experiences, and enthusiasm!

  • Identify and prioritize personal and professional goals.
  • Clarify purpose and stay balanced.
  • Design and drive personal transformation.
  • Modifying areas where you are losing personal power.
  • Stay focused until you reach your fulfilled level of achievement!

Why leave your important life goals to chance!

Levels of Membership

Silver – Individual Annual Membership $395

Membership Includes:

  • The SPEAR Success System (Keys to Transformation)
  • Empowerment Assessments
  • Effectiveness Workshops (Self-Directed and Directed)
  • Empowerment Communities
  • Creative Collaboration Summits
  • Power Line Directory
  • Strategic Planning Worksheets
  • Inspirational Handouts
  • On-going Weekly Events
  • System Navigator Directory
  • On Demand Recordings
  • Book Power Circuits
  • Self-Study
  • Self-Paced
  • Self- Actualization
  • Fellow Members
  • Family Empowerment
  • Employees and Co-workers
  • Online Support Friends
  • Effectiveness Workshops

These workshops may have additional charge for customize training and facilitation.

  • Weekly Power Circuits
  • Creative Collaboration Meetings

Gold – Leadership Membership $595
(In May this upgrade to Gold)

Membership Includes:

Silver Levels of Engagement

  • Leadership Training on guiding others through Empowered to Succeed methods and applications.
  • $100 Ambassador Compensation for on boarding your Referred Members
  • During March Community Leadership upgrade included
  • Community Leader and System Navigator
  • Supercharge Your Coaching Practice
  • Develop programs in your local community
  • Facilitate virtual training and development wherever you are called

Platinum – System Navigator Certification $795
(May Special – included in Leadership Membership)

System Navigator
Income Opportunities

Gold Levels of Engagement
and Business Opportunities

  • Navigator Profile Page in 3 (three) Communities
  • Ambassador Compensation $100 for on boarding their Personally Referred Members
  • Keep 100% of your income guiding others through their personal Empowered to Succeed success program!
  • Outside Referrals to Achievement Dynamics 20% (No co-participation)
  • Team Co-Training Referrals with someone from Achievement Dynamics 40%
  • Training Projects Personally Developed and Delivered by yourself 100%