The Power of Crystalized Thinking

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Interactive Workshop on Crystallized Thinking

  • Imagination is mankind’s greatest asset.
  • To think creatively is to think intelligently.
  • We need to make a conscious effort to create and capture opportunities in our life.
  • Creative problem-solving keeps moving us forward, bringing our dreams and goals into reality.
  • Think it up and then think it through to completion.

Recommended Meeting Agenda

Prior to Meeting Option

Review the guidelines at the start of each meeting.

  • Learn from the past but don’t dwell on it. Keep it “Now and Next”.
  • Complaining and blaming is a waste of time. Positive interactions only.
  • Practice confidentiality as a respect to other members.
  • Be discreet with sensitive information.
  • No political posturing. Please don’t use Achievement Dynamics to air your political views.
  • Refrain from small talk during workshops to keep a constructive purpose to conversation.

Workshop Starters:

  1. Introduce yourself and share what you hope to achieve through this workshop?
  2. Share a time when you used your imagination to create a valuable opportunity for yourself.

Discuss key points of the training information:

  • Hi-light key points of the workshop and discuss how they are relevant to your situation.
  • How would these ideas impact your business or the quality of your life?
  • Feel free to add any additional ideas or suggestions to the discussion.
  • Choose the action steps and perspectives (Strategic Options) from this workshop that will increase your personal effectiveness moving forward.
  • How are you going to integrate these Strategic Options into your weekly Power Circuit?

Vision & Planning

Vision & Planning generates opportunities and challenges us to research and develop paths for growth and improvement. It gives shape to our wishes, wants, dreams and desires.

  • Create Opportunities
  • Create Solutions
  • Create Relationships
  • Create a Stronger-Happier Self

Imagination is our Greatest Asset

“Imagination raises new questions, explores new possibilities and regards old problems from a new angle.”

Albert Einstein

It’s been said that Imagination creates visualized goals, and a person can be no greater than their own personal vision.
That last statement highlights the three functions of Creative Productivity…

  • Vision is where we are going.
  • Imagination is how we get there.
  • Visualization is the mental rehearsal of being there…
    If your goal is to build a house…

If your goal is to build a house…

  • Having a new home is your vision.
  • Developing the plans and coming up with the means to pay for it is using your imagination.
  • Every time you picture yourself living there and seeing yourself enjoying it…that’s visualization!

    That clarity will not only build you a house. It will also build valuable and meaningful success in your life.
    We need to harness our thinking and creativity to achieve the greater good; whatever you choose that to be.
    Start stretching your imagination by identifying your Wants & Desires.
    Open-ended questions help us to prompt our mind to think up opportunities. They provide a track to run on, to stretch our creative imagination and multiply options for our life plans.

Once the mind is stretched with a new idea…It never regains its original dimension

Oliver Wendell Homes

We only get one life, but we have many options.
We need to clarify what we REALLY want to experience and achieve.

We need to systematically design a plan then pro-actively progress change toward creating those experiences.

Create a Wish and Wants list.

This enables us to elevate our awareness of possibilities for our life.

Use your Creativity and Imagination.

  • We all have the ability to dream but we must choose to dream.
  • Let creative dreaming become an important aspect in the way you manage your life.

Trust in your ability to be creative.
Your dreams are the sparks that light your imagination.

Don’t be overly concerned about problems that stand in your way.
Raise hopes not fears.

Choose to believe that
“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” (Voltaire)

Your imagination is there to help you successfully navigate your way through the most exciting times of your life.

As you keep making progress and achieve more of your goals, you gain greater confidence in yourself and enlarge the vision of your future and the quality of your life.

We need to make a conscious effort to dream forward, so we can transition our lives forward. Dreaming will determine the life experiences that bring us maximum satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

Why Identify Mission and Purpose

  • Never underestimate the power of a purpose.
  • Effort brings more joy when it aligns with a purpose.
  • When we are clear as to what and why, we are more motivated to figure out how and stick with it.
  • Conscious awareness of the Mission will lay an unshakable foundation for the success of your goal.
  • Those who have a clear picture of there true inner motivations and priorities are less likely to get off track on there journey toward achievement.
  • The ability to focus our energies and intentions on our goals allows ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.

Needs are logical while Purpose is emotional and inspirational.

  • When we identify with goals that motivate us, it’s easier to make the emotional connection to our purpose.
  • Connect goals and objectives that have clearly stated intentions.
  • Know what impact this goal will make in your life – or in the lives of those you love.
  • Needs are easy to satisfy. They only get us so far before they stop being motivating. When our needs are satisfied, we stop getting the emotional commitment we need to overcome our obstacles.
  • There is a much greater depth of potential still sitting there, waiting for instructions. We need the additional “horsepower” purpose provides, to tap that potential and energize us to break through success barriers.
  • A clear and inspiring Mission Statement will keep pushing us forward, long after our needs are satisfied.
  • Sincere purpose overcomes discouragement and disappointment. The more sincere enthusiasm we bring to our goals, the more easily we suspend beliefs that may be holding us back from achieving them.

It means so much to believe in what we are striving for. Even if we believe the purpose is to only bring personal joy. Joy is a beautiful thing.

A sense of mission boosts our motivation to battle through the obstacles and persevere for the cause. A meaningful purpose gives us the strength we need to see it to the end.

It’s a lot like when we open a brand-new board game and look under the lid for the instructions. The first thing we see is something that says, Object of the Game.

Knowing if we’re winning or losing along the way is vital information. Understanding the “object of the game” is how we make that determination and know if we need to change direction or get back on course.

A Mission Statement keeps us headed true north. It’s a point of reference, to help us make day to day decisions on where to direct our thoughts and efforts.

Identifying Priorities, Values & Standards create “channel markers” for decision making. Never underestimate the need for clear priorities and well-defined standards. Decision making is easier when we have predetermined intentions. This lays an unshakable foundation for the success of your goals!

Predetermined Priorities, Values, and Standards empower us to better…

  • Judge opportunities
  • Consider options.
  • Choose alternatives.

The goals we set for ourselves must be in harmony with our personal values. If they’re not, we will fail to reach them or feel discontented if we achieve them. If a behavior or action conflicts with our principles, it is a safe choice to avoid that path to our success.

Our Priorities and Standards represent the “Rules of the Game” and following them generates “Respect, Dignity and Trust”. They are the guidelines that reflect our true selves inside.

Thinking creatively gives you the power to sort and focus your thoughts and ideas needed to achieve your goal. Action is preceded by thinking and progress is preceded by action. Take positive action, your life is worth it.

Thought Process

What habits would you like to develop?

What habits would you like to break?

What personality trait would you like to develop?

What kind of home would you like to own?

What improvement would you like to make in your present home?

What vacations would you like to take?

What new position would you like to attain?

What professional or occupational skill would you like to strengthen?

What hobbies would you like to begin?

How would you want to give back to your community?

What debts would you like to pay off?

What image of yourself would you like to communicate to others?

What are some activities you would like to do with your family?

What spiritual goals would you like to obtain?

How much money would you like to earn?

How much money would you like to save?

What physical activity would you like to start?

What things do you want to remove from your life?

Family, Home, Financial, Career, Spiritual, Health, Education, Emotional, Social, Cultural?