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How would you describe your most recent experience of stress and how did you handle it?

Stress is our inner reactions to things that happen to us and demands that are placed upon us.

Too often, people only see the external result of stress.  However, this is not the complete picture.  stress occurs to you only when your inner reaction to an event is uncomfortable or unpleasant.  This is your choice. 

Some people find the same things differently.  Stress should never be confused with challenge, excitement, and motivation.

Taking an inventory of your stress can be greatly beneficial.  You must first identify, so you can then modify. 

You can deal with stress more effectively when you are aware of it.

The following are methods of dealing with stress that can elevate the physical and emotional aspects of dealing with tensions.

Time management (define urgent / important handout) on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly schedule, parenting movie, work to priorities, be organized. 

Identify Bottlenecks in your life and create a better system to deal with it.

Assertive use of the word no – don’t take on the other people‚Äôs responsibilities or projects that do not compliment your goals.

  • Give control
  • Give direction
  • Pace activities
  • Clear vision
  • Creates hope
  • Overcoming fears through crystallization gives a positive attitude because you increase your expectations to succeed.
  • Health studies show that after the age of 40, optimist have 1/5 the health problems than the pessimist, who are over 60 with 1/10 the health problems.
  • Muscle tension
  • Breathing rate – in 1-5, out 1-10
  • Pulse regulation

Positive visualization daily
Positive affirmations daily
Develop your faith in a higher power


  • small snacks rather than large meals
  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • sugar
  • starches
  • salt
  • sodas
  • becoming too tired, too hungry, too emotional.

Avoid negative people. 
Develop positive supportive relationships.
Create a balance in your life.