Progress Not Perfection

The greater belief you have in yourself and your intentions, the less likely things are to bother you. When you are confident in who you are and what you are all about, the more people will naturally want to help you with your ideas and the more likely they are to believe in you.

A big contributor to a positive self-image is to understand and appreciate the difference between progress and perfection. A sense of achievement builds self-esteem; a higher self- esteem gives us confidence for greater achievement.

We need to live a life of progress. When we look for progress we always feel encouraged, when we look for perfection we always feel discouraged.

Living a life of progress gives us the opportunity to feel good about ourselves during the climb. You may not have reached the top of your mountain but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the view along the way. If you are going to look for perfection you are going to feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled no matter how well you are doing.

Whenever you can associate yourself with progress you realize it is okay to feel some dissatisfaction because you appreciate the reality that you are still growing and there is room for improvement.

Being dissatisfied encourages us to keep on going, while being unsatisfied keeps us from enjoying where we are and what we are accomplishing. So as we learn to recognize progressive achievement it builds our confidence, strengthens our belief system, and continues to reinforce our self concept along the way, a strong self concept in our journey in setting and achieving goals.

We need to develop the habit of recognizing progressive achievements; it strengthens us, develops our character, and continues to reinforce the belief that we have what it takes to bring our dreams to reality.