PAC for Success

PAC” is the acronym of the Four Cornerstones to Transformation.

Each PAC has actions or perspectives referred to as “Strategic Options”. 

Choose the options that will advance your cause and have the greatest impact on results! 

Monitors and Maintains Forward Progress

Success is the progressive realization of achievement! A Progressive Action Checklist is any “To do List” that identifies the priority of activities needed to be completed as you press forward with your goals and intentions.

Goal – Exercise 

Progressive Steps

  • Clearly identify your fitness goals
  • Joint a gym
  • Get a physical examination.
  • Have a professional trainer design a fitness program.

One and completed type actions.
Maintaining progress.

Strategically Calibrates Habits

These are a list of perpetual action steps that are continuously evaluated and recommitted over several weeks – until the actions incorporate themselves into your natural patterns of behavior.

Exercise Perpetual Cycles

  • Two times a week weight training
  • Three times a week – 30 minutes of cardio
  • Two Pilates classes every week
    Transformation is now in motion!

Sharpens Skill Sets and Fine-Tunes Routines

These are a list of the activities that will assure the best outcomes in situations where we need to be as effective as possible.

Personal Workout Routine

  1. 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill
  2. 15 minutes of stretching
  3. Upper body weight training
  4. Lower body weight training
  5. Core development training
  6. 10-minute cool down and stretching

Mental Preparation and Conditioning

Events + Perspectives = Your Reality

These are a list of thought processes that strengthen our confidence and renew our resolve. What we think is who we become. We need to choose those thoughts that empower, inspire, and motivate us to put forth our best to progress and achieve.

Develop Mental Conditioning and Sincere Commitment.