Natalie Betancourt

Natalie Betancourt




If you are getting to know Natalie Betancourt, you’ll discover a dynamic individual known as Coach Kira.

With accolades as an Award-Winning Speaker, Author, Healer, and Life and Spiritual Mentor/Coach, Natalie passionately leads as the CEO of Empowering Women of Any Shades—all by faith in the Holy Spirit.

Her transformative work in coaching and healing unfolds from her dedicated office in St. Augustine, Florida, where she is also a permanent resident. Natalie’s commitment to empowerment resonates through her multifaceted contributions to personal and spiritual growth. Training in the Self’s Foundation Mastery Experience, using the Achievements Dynamics as her foundation for any coaching and mentoring.

Coach Kira has the Gift of Healing and teaches Healing and helps others get certified.

with the “Self’s Foundation Mastery Experience” 

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