Intentions vs. Actions

You may have heard it said that “We judge others by their actions but judge ourselves by our intentions.”

Most of the time, we never really put ourselves “on the hook” for any real commitments or hold ourselves accountable for any of our actions. When we do, we often let our­selves “off the hook” too easily.

On a similar note, most people take more time to plan a two-week vacation than to plan the rest of the year — or maybe even the rest of their lives! Very rarely do we work from a written action plan, including an estimated time of a goal’s completion.

In order to embrace personal empowerment and to grow, we need to take the time and energy to make clear plans and intentions for our lives. Then, we need to challenge ourselves into action, working in accordance with our intentions. From there, we can become aware of the things being accomplished and determine what we need to do to keep the progress going.

These steps are so important because they create mental and emotional weight on our intentions. Our intentions are harder to ignore and it becomes more difficult to let our actions off the hook.

We change when the pain of change is greater than the pain of remaining the same. Accountability moves the comfort zone in a new direction. To get comfortable again, we need to change into what our life intentions require us to be through action.

All the Energy Fields are there to help you accomplish this critical stage of the empowerment process. They will assist you in developing a road map for your success journey.

The Progressive Achievement Algorithm is there to keep nudging us closer to what we need to do and becoming the person who can get it done.

Power Partners and Power Circuits are also there to make you accountable to more than just yourself.

Whether others judge you by your actions or you judge yourself with your intentions will no longer matter. Through these steps and Achieveopedia, you will be growing beyond.