An empowerment fundamental is the art of habituation. It may sound like a big word, but actually it is simply the art of recalibrating our habits.

Consider the reality that you have what you have today because of who you are and the fact that you have developed a habit of being that person. So, every qualification for success is actually supported by habit.

Habits are to progress as machines are to momentum. Just as a machine’s momentum can be thrown off due to being put together wrong, danger can lie in not deliberately forming good habits. We sometimes unconsciously develop habits that limit our effectiveness and productivity. Other times we chose these habits due to our preferences not knowing how they can affect us in the long run. Either way, people who only follow their natural preferences and tendencies will only get so far.

It stands to reason that when people form successful habits, those habits form successful people. Once we understand the process of habituation we can apply it to form habits that pay big dividends, whether in your pocket or in your life.

We can learn how to develop more positive and productive habits, like becoming more organized, always finishing what we start and the habit of keeping the commitments to our personal goals. We can make significant progress and create positive change in any area of our life’s goals and dreams.

When people learn to master their habits, they master themselves.