Goal Setting is Growth Setting!

How to PAC for 2024 so you turn your good intentions into habits for success!

If we talk the talk – we need to walk the walk!

Ice Breaker: What’s a new year resolution you have this year that you have had at least once in the past?

Moving into the new year is a prime opportunity to reevaluate and assess what we left behind and what we must look forward to.

List your “Achievement and Blessings” from last year. Feel the momentum!

Positive change and growth, as we all know it, don’t come spontaneously and automatically.

Anything we want badly enough will inevitably come with a degree of planning, perceived discomfort, and direct effortful action.

There’s no way around it. You need to decide if you are worth investing in personally and sticking it out for, no matter what.

It is much easier and more comfortable to stay in our comfort zone.

What is your willingness to be uncomfortable?

To challenge yourself when your mind tells you to avoid valuable and necessary skillsets and actions.

To operate out of your comfort zone!

It takes consistent practice to create new neural pathways and prove to yourself that seeking new alternatives is both worth it and valuable to you.

Steps to Transformation

  1. Personal Inventories and Assessments
  2. List your personal growth “Thing to do list”.
  3. Start with your Highest Priority Items.
  4. Develop a Weekly Design Perpetual Checklist.
  5. Get a Power Partner and start a Power Circuit.

The struggle to be all we can be is challenging for everyone.

Some things come easier than others, some things are easier for others, and there are some things we would rather not deal with right now.

We can just sit back and wait for the time we are forced to take action, or we can be proactive in our decisions and approach.

To take honest inventory of our wants, needs and desires and to isolate and go after the changes that will have the greatest impact on productivity and our life.

The more tools and support we apply to our process, the better our chances are for victory.

Before long, we know exactly how to make things happen more effectively, with the least amount of time, effort, and stress.

Our Comfort Zones have moved into place to support us in the place we want to go.