Make Progress and Make Adjustments

Tactical Accountability – Become a Master Problem Solver

  1. What results were achieved?
  2. What progress was made?
  3. What action is working?
  4. Are there missed assignments that need to be addressed?
  5. What are the possible obstacles to completing the assignment?
  6. What do I need to PAC for a successful completion next time?
  7. Are there new perspectives or affirmations that need to be generated?
  8. Update Progressive, Perpetual and Performance Action Steps where needed.
  9. Recommit and Take Action. Your Life is Worth It!

Identify your Obstacles to Execution

Procrastination The pit where opportunity is buried.

Blind Spots  Not being aware of additional opportunities that may be available.

Comfort Zones  More motivated by pleasing methods rather than pleasing results.

False Priority These goals are not as important to you as you make them out to be.

Not Organized Effectively Slowed down by confusion and bottlenecks.

Value Conflict Action steps may conflict with personal values or priorities.

Time Management Conflicts  Spending to much time in lower priority activities.

Attitude Conflict  Have not emotionally accepted and embraced the activities that to be done.

Training Needs – Uncertain of the best course of action needed to execute objectives.

Fear of Failure Afraid a setback or mistake will be the end your opportunity.

Accountability  Not being held accountable to your most important personal action items.

Lack of Confidence  Lack the courage to take action for fear of making a mistake or rejection.

Lack of Commitment – Unwilling to do what you need to do to take care of business.