Achievement Dynamics Success Structure

Empowered to Succeed™
Achievement Dynamics Institute Programs

The SPEAR Success System™
Our Transformation and Achievement Process

PAC for Success – The acronym of the Four Cornerstones to Transformation.

Achievement Dynamics WorkshopsAny time two of more members gather to learn, encourage, and support one another in their achievement of their life goals and objectives.

Empower Hour One hour or less time frames – Members can have the option to stay on to continue peer-to-peer networking and conversation following the initial training.

Creative Summits – Members collaborate for the purpose of sharing new ideas and options for strategic planning. An opportunity to share collective intelligence and create support alliances with other members.

Effectiveness Workshops / Learning Round-TablesTraining modules designed to help members identify and integrate new ideas and behaviors. Each is designed to help build specific personal characteristics to break through success barriers.

Power Circuits – Members joining forces together in weekly succession using “Tactical Accountability” during a period of focused progress, growth, and personal transformation.

Trained Power Partners – Those working together to help one another progress and achieve.

Training Module NarrationsThese voiceovers help members to internalize new ideas through multi-sensory learning and spaced repetition. They will also serve to help the seeing impaired participate in the training and methodologies of Achievement Dynamics Institute.

Tactical Accountability – Peer to peer support, problem solving and design system. Knowing how to identify and modify Obstacles to Execution – the possible roadblocks that stand in the way of achieving our goals and objectives. Problems needing solutions!

Success CommunitiesA central location where members may find positive and like-minded Power Partners with similar life goals and objectives. Communities may also develop and create access to a collection of Idea Banks, with pre-determined PAC blueprints for achievement.

Tools for Empowerment

Take Flight Personality Profiles

Take Flight with DISC Personality Profiles that adults and children boost their EQ. They provide tremendous insight on ways to communicate more effectively with everyone in our life.

These programs go a long way helping leaders lead more effectively and work teams work more efficiently. They will also be included in our Family Empowerment Programs to help families grow more loving and supportive to each member, as they all become more Empowered to Succeed.

Empowerment Assessments – These are assessments that identify strengths and weaknesses associated with our life goals and intentions.
Human Beings are Humans Becoming!
The fastest way to break through success barriers,
is to turn weaknesses into strengths.
When we proactively transform ourselves,
we permanently transform our results!

Empowerment Handouts A collection of inspirational or instructional materials to present at workshops and pass on to others for training and inspiration.

Power Line Directory – Segmenting a goal into components for evaluation, planning and decision making.

Strategic Planning Worksheets – For crystalizing thought into intentional design action plans.

On Demand Recorded Training Library 24/7 access to recorded workshops and training modules.

Ambassadors – System Navigators who onboard members and introduce them to the features and benefits of the Achievement Dynamics website.

Ambassador Reward – (GR) A $100 stipend given to a member who refers another member to Achievement Dynamics and helps to guide them around the ADI success methodologies.

SPEAR System Navigator Those who are certified to lead others along the SPEAR Success System. Helping Achievement Dynamics Members to make positive and effective choices that reflect their life goals, values and life priorities.

System Navigator Profile Page – Your personal link sharing your contact information, Leadership Intentions, and Personal Bio.

System Navigators may be available with each community to help support members in designing and executing their goals and objectives.

Community Director – The person who is designated to keep a Success Community organized and on a strong and productive track.

Training Module Narrators Those who choose to contribute a voice-over for the scripted training modules. These voiceovers help members to internalize new ideas through multi-sensory learning. They will also serve to help the seeing impaired participate in the training and methodologies of Achievement Dynamics Institute.