Creative Collaboration
Invest an Hour – Increase the Power!




The ability to collaborate – changes how we think.

What we do together – changes how we live!

  • Collaborate with others who have common interests and enthusiasm.
  • Super-charge personal creativity and build upon ideas faster.
  • Enhance your ability to transform personal perspectives and build new habits faster.
  • Week-to-week strategic support and accountability keeps you on track.
  • Increases concentration along with expanding problem-solving skills.
  • Improves chances for success by developing networks and opportunities.
  • Wishes and Dreams
  • Developing a Goal and Mission
  • Clarifying Values and Priorities
  • Power Line strengths and weaknesses.
  • Progressive Actions Checklist
  • Perpetual Action Cycles
  • Procedures Awareness Checklist
  • Perspectives And Commitments
  • Mastermind Problem Solving!

What Is Life?
Plan and Action Blueprint
Stretch Your Imagination
Personal Assessments
Life Power Lines
Strategic Action Worksheets

  • To learn and develop new ideas and opportunities.
  • To explore new possibilities of growth and achievement
  • Consider what you would like to learn about the topic before entering the meeting.

Effectiveness WorkshopThe integration of new ideas and information with what is already known..

  • Help you stay focused.
  • Give public accountability.
  • Measure progress.
  • Receive constructive feedback.
  • Keep a score on your results.
  • Generate new ideas.
  • Help you recommit to your goals and objectives.

Driving Progress, Growth and Change
Weekly Personal Achievements
Transform Perspective, Habits and Results!

Steps for Power Circuits:

  1. Weekly Perpetual and Progressive “Things to Do List”.
  2. Prioritize your list.
  3. Publicly declare your intentions.
  4. Do it!
  5. Evaluate your results.
  6. Repeat!

Power Circuit Length


  1. One Week Blitz        
  2. Two Week Attack                
  3. 21 Day Challenge
  4. 28 Day Triumph      

Power Circuits are meetings with two or more members focused on the achievement of predetermined goals and objectives.

They can consist of any combination of Achievement Dynamics Members and System Navigators.

Assist one another with strategic decisions and decisive action steps.

Weekly Design
Weekly Design Example
Tactical Accountability
Obstacles to Execution