Your Bounce Back Ability

What is Bounce Back Ability?

  • Knowing how to deal with your setbacks, mistakes and disappointments. You’ve got to be able to emotionally take a punch, shake it off in a reasonable period of time and keep fighting.
  • Being able to let go of disappointments to focus on what you need to be doing to keep your goals moving forward.
  • Keeping your future in the front of your mind
  • Knowing how to work side by side with your fear and not to be afraid to be afraid.

If you need to work outside your comfort zone for a while, so be it. Decide to use your problems as stepping stones for progress!

Problems give us the opportunity to create solutions and those solutions are often the breakthroughs we needed to get us to the next level of our success.

Building our adversity IQ is similar to building other types of muscle. Every time we work outside our comfort zone and through our pain zone, we add another layer of emotional muscle and we are one step closer to achieving our goals. As our confidence grows, we gain the mental assurance and stamina to know how we can fight back from adversity again and again if necessary. The more confidence we have, the more risk we are willing to take because we better believe in our ability to recover from setbacks and learn from them.

Goals automatically create a set of problems that need to be solved, weaknesses that need to be fixed and eventually setbacks that need to be dealt with. It comes with the territory of progress growth and change. If we never learn how to work through these types of circumstances constructively, we’re dead in the water. Having a strong adversity IQ allows us to learn and know what the right things to do in the heat of battle are instead of throwing in the towel.

In 1982 I was watching an interview on the Today Show with Willie Shoemaker, one of the world’s greatest jockeys. After he had broken another record, he was being interviewed by Jane Paulie and she posed this question, “If you had one jewel advice to all young jockeys just starting out in their career, what would that be?”

He paused, looked into the camera and said “When you lose your head, your ass will follow”.

That sums it up precisely.